5 Tips to Bigger Biceps 22nd November,2016

Alright, let’s get this straight first. Anybody who is starting to hit the gym wants to have bigger arms, specifically the biceps. Let’s face it, we veterans who have been doing it for years also started with wanting bigger biceps at fi

Get-Slim Food Gems 20th August,2015

To lose weight effectively and permanently, we need to eat, and eat smart. Happily, nature designed a lot of delicious edibles to turn up our fat-burning furnace, flatten our belly, and take a big bite out of our appetite. Here are 1

Too Much Cardio - Mistake 19th August,2015

ARE YOU AWARE...that doing too much cardio can actually slow down ur weight loss... because it stresses out your whole body... and when you are stressed your body become flooded with stress hormone Cortisol that encourages fat storage. S

12th Dharmashree National Open Body Building Competition organized by Nepal Byayam Mandir was held on September 18, 2011 (Monday) at Police Academy. Even though the program started a bit late the program went on to be a success. Followi